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The brand WoodSpars™ is the solution for the manufacture of all Hollow Wooden Masts and round timber. We work in the performance, innovation and tradition of the wood trade.

WoodSpars™ products are organized around 3 families of round timber. WoodSpars™ Yachting, with laminated masts and many solid wooden spars of all sizes. WoodSpars™ Building with constructive systems, massives wooden poles and handrails and XL custom round beams. WoodSpars™ Garden, our choice of fences, posts and stakes without treatment: chestnut and robinia.


WoodSpars™ is a guarantee of quality and experience in the manufacture of round wooden products . More than 15 years as a shipyard specializing in the construction and renovation of classic and regatta sailboats, today our the refit is over: Our brand offers a wide range of round timber solutions: mats, poles and garden products

We have carried out an extensive research and development program in this field. Resistance stress test of wood, and gluing tests in the laboratory. Many design of special assemblies and machining process have been created. Custom development of calculation and sizing software. Finally the design and construction of a special machine unique in Europe: An amazing Wooden Mast Lathe of 30 meters.


WoodSpars™ products combine innovation with the tradition of wood. They are designed for use in the nautical sector, construction and landscaping. We offer various solutions in local or exotic wood species. FSC certification is part of our responsible quality commitment.

Our workshops also produce glued laminated beams up to 30m in softwood or hardwood for a wide variety of uses. WoodSpars™ Garden – WoodSpars™ Yachting – WoodSpars™ Building


A wood lathe of unique dimensions in Europe. This special machine is able of turning, machining and sawing beams 30m long and 80cm in diameter. The solid wood or BLC beams are machined in the 4 axes. A workshop designed for the optimal manufacture of round timber: customised machines, routing machines and sanders. All the equipment to quickly respond to single orders or mini series: for nautical, construction or industrial sectors.

A software has been developed in-house for the calculation of the loads. This part of the design office can draw, calculate the forces and check the dimensions of the wooden parts. An architecture firm comes in reinforcement to design, study and certify large-scale projects.


At WoodSpars™, lead times are much shorter than traditional shipyards. We have a multitude of transport solutions adapted to each parcel.

Based in Locmariaquer in Morbihan in Brittany, we have wood and products in stock. We can respond quickly to your business needs.

We also master the courier chains for small parcels as well as large transport for long parts. 

Just ask us for quotation and freight solutions.


Maritime Tradition & Heritage

Le Français is one of the last existing traditional tall ships, a 47m 3-masted barque built in 1948. Fitted out by the Marine Events company

New clamping press for gluing

New clamp pressing at Woodspars™ for the production of glulam parts. For some time, we have been thinking about implementing a suitable clamping system to

Lugger mast

WoodSpars™, a specialist in glued laminated wood spars, offers bespoke -made masts for luggers rigging Our artisanal workshop based in Locmariaquer in Morbihan has been

Glued laminated boom

WoodSpars™ manufactures bespoke, light and strong glued laminated booms. Woodspars has been a specialist for 10 years in the design and production of custom-made glued

Glued laminated spinnaker pole

Glued laminated spinnaker pole produced by WoodSpars™ in various wood species. Our Woodspars manufacturing workshop located in the Morbihan at Locmariaquer has been working, studying

Marconi glued laminated masts

Marconi glued laminated masts manufactured by WoodSpars™ for Bermudian rigs up to 30m. The glued laminated timber used improves the performance of the material. Woodspars

Our 30m long wood lathe in action

What does our wood lathe of unique dimensions in Europe look like? This special machine is capable of turning, machining and sawing beams 30m long

Serial pieces of round handrails

WoodSpars™ offers a variety of roundwood products. We have a range of luxury quality lumber timber handrails. These beautiful pieces are intended for railings, balustrades

Glued laminated structural posts

For the manufacture of glued laminated structural posts, we have a partnership with several suppliers of certified glued laminated timber with CE NF301 traceability and


Charpentier Marine Morbihan
45, ZA de Kerran
F56470 Locmariaquer

tel. +33 (0)6 30 02 99 33


WoodSpars™, specialized brand on wooden lamellae masts, beams and round poles for sailing vessels, buildings utilisations, and many wooden industrial issues.

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