Production of a 19m spruce mainmast

Our mast and spar manufacturing workshop has been selected to replace the main mast of the Ketch Korig.

This Eugêne Cornu plan 1958, is 15m long, and sails a lot between the Gulf of Morbihan and the Mediterranean.

19m long… How to make such a tall mast, with a 250mm pear shape?

We have chosen a wood species well known for its durability and performance. Sitka Spruce is a very good compromise between mechanical properties and density. It is rather light and blotting – ideal for technical gluing. The hollow of the mast has been treated with a waterproof resin. The drilling and fittings areas are solid in order to guarantee a connection.

Thanks to our tools, delivery times are much shorter than usual. The machines and gluing benches are studied and perfectly organized for optimal performance and speed. It is a very important responsibility to have such a large part in production.

We also sanded, repaired and varnished the other mast and its booms to deliver a uniform set of spars. Everything was installed and adjusted by our partner rigger: Den Ran.