Glued laminated spinnaker pole

Glued laminated spinnaker pole produced by WoodSpars™ in various wood species.

Our Woodspars manufacturing workshop located in the Morbihan at Locmariaquer has been working, studying and shaping custom-made glued laminated wood spars for 10 years. Spinnaker poles are part of these works whose manufacturing process we master.

To manufacture a glued-laminated spinnaker pole, a first selection makes it possible to remove the major defects of the wood such as knots or cracks. The glued laminated process refines this selection by associating the most robust pieces of each tree.

This process is appreciated for its ability to erase the defects inherent in the material, in particular its anisotropy and its deformations during the shrinkage and swelling of its fibers. Indeed, the alternation of the orientations of the glued laminated sections makes it possible to compensate for the deformations and to obtain a homogeneous material.

The collages are then turned to obtain the desired spar shape. Our spinnaker poles can be hollow to gain lightness.

The spars are sanded and protected with varnish to cope with bad weather and UV. The fittings are assembled  on demand.

Our distribution network delivers everywhere in all Europe.