Manufacture of a series of wooden oars

We have been selected to manufacture a series of wooden oars for the famous Shipchandler brand "À l'abordage" in La Rochelle.

We started with a series of rowing oars, a hundred pieces 3.7m long. These pieces are made of glued laminated ash. The blade and the handle are made to measure. These asymmetrical oars are intended for sweeping and sculling. The blades are concave and very responsive. We observed a very nice bending movement in the water.

This kind of mass production would not be possible without the specific production tools: sawing, gluing and machining machines.

We then built a new series of a hundred stern sculling oars in 2.5 to 3m. Symmetrical and fairly long blades. The parts were mass-produced. The various models and shapes are the property of the “À l’abordage” brand. We took the opportunity to create these beautiful scenes!