Marconi glued laminated masts

Marconi glued laminated masts manufactured by WoodSpars™ for Bermudian rigs up to 30m. The glued laminated timber used improves the performance of the material.

Woodspars artisan manufacturing site located in Locmariaquer in Morbihan has several years of manufacturing custom glued laminated wood spars. The construction of marconi masts is part of our specialty.

Marconi masts have been present on our seas for over 300 years now. Allowing a revival of triangular sails, it is the foundation of the Bermudian rigging of which it ensures the maintenance of the sails. Originally made of solid wood and local pine, new technologies have made it possible to greatly lighten it by making it hollow. The use of bonding makes it possible to balance the anisotropic properties of the material. This becomes more homogeneous and thus improves its efficiency without compromising its resistance to stresses.

Benefiting from one of the largest French wood lathes, our workshop can turn exceptional pieces of wood. The glued laminate is assembled on site according to the rules of the art thanks to methods developed in collaboration with a design office.

Marconi glulam masts provide performance and weight equal to that of aluminum, while offering a similar price and superior durability, both for the spar and for the environment.

Delivery is possible anywhere in Europe.