Serial pieces of round handrails

WoodSpars™ offers a variety of roundwood products. We have a range of luxury quality lumber timber handrails. These beautiful pieces are intended for railings, balustrades and balconies.

Our artisanal workshop based in Locmariaquerd in Morbihan produces hundreds of handrails in various wood species. Round moldings are our specialty. The lengths are from 2 to 4m and the diameters from 30 to 80mm.

We select local wood suppliers with certification. Cabinet-grade woods are sorted for defects and handrails are free of knots, cracks and checks. Scraps are marketed as a stake for gardening or other carpentry and turning uses.

Our various distributors particularly appreciate iroko wood, which is very durable outdoors. The other species intended for outdoor use are class 4: teak, accoya, or azobé. No finishing or treatment will be necessary.

Oak, beech and sapelli, sipo are class 3 and intended for indoor use. The finishes are oil, stain, or varnish.

Our distribution network ships orders anywhere in France.