Glued laminated structural posts

For the manufacture of glued laminated structural posts, we have a partnership with several suppliers of certified glued laminated timber with CE NF301 traceability and certification.

We size and turn large beams. These posts are intended for the development of garden and parcs , decoration, as well as wood construction. Glulam manufacturers can count on our expertise in forming round posts. We have the experience and the speed necessary for this activity.

The beams with a diameter of 150 to 400mm are turned perfectly cylindrical, with lengths of 3 to 30m. The ogive or complex shapes are also achievable.

We can also make notches and holes directly on the wood lathe. A fine sanding will then be carried out on the whole . The parts then go directly to the installation site.

Our wood lathe is a unique tool in Europe. This machine allows the sawing, machining, turning and drilling of very large parts. Extraordinary poles are made safely.